Foma - a finite-state compiler and C library

Foma is a compiler, programming language, and C library for constructing finite-state automata and transducers for various uses. It has specific support for many natural language processing applications such as producing morphological analyzers. Although NLP applications are probably the main use of foma, it is sufficiently generic to use for a large number of purposes.

The library contains efficient implementations of all classical automata/transducer algorithms: determinization, minimization, epsilon-removal, composition, boolean operations. Also, more advanced construction methods are available: context restriction, quotients, first-order regular logic, transducers from replacement rules, etc.


Prerequisites (for compilation)

Most of these, if missing, can be installed on Linux systems with apt install




If you use foma, you can use the following citation for attribution. Please note that the details regarding the functionality of foma in that article are somewhat obsolete by now.

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